Cycling families are welcome to bring their bikes for an adventurous weekend of field biking, with camping on the festival grounds or in one of the other accommodation facilities in the area.

On friday 21/12, we will set out to the Sdom and Pratzim streams – 20km. The course is intended for families and children who are experienced with field cycling, ages 8 and up on independent bikes and from the age of 4 on carriers.

On saturday 22/12, you will be able to choose from 3 courses at various difficulty levels:
  • Sdom square – 6km – short trip, family-suitable.
  • Sdom Square Surroundings – 12km – slightly challenging course.
  • Haritz BaHawar – 25km – moderately challenging. Appropriate for 12 y/o and up with “true” mountain bikes.
You can purchase combined packages for the friday and saturday trips. Notice that the fee is lower the larger the group (for example, a group of 6 will pay 272NIS pp for a one day trip instead of 480).

Family cycling trip – 20km – suits riding families, based on the classic Sdom stream-Pratzim stream course.
This is a memorable trip amidst the stream bends on wide sandstone roads. Requires mountain bikes with suitable tires.
The ride is not competitive, and will go in a traveling atmosphere with a leading instructor and a trailing mechanic.

Who is it for?
The course is meant for families and children well experienced with mountain biking, ages 12 and up on independent bikes.
All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and payment are mandatory for participation. On site registration will be permitted based on free space.

12pm – gathering, collecting participation kits and briefing
12:30 pm – launch

Important information
All rides are lead and tailed by experienced riding instructors, and are accompanied by a mechanic, rescue vehicle and medic.

Registration options
You can register for either one of the activities, or both.
Optional – signing up for a night at the camping ground
It is possible to purchase supper on friday and lunch on saturday (meat/vegetarian)
We set out from the gathering point at the eco-village at Kikar Sdom, at the entrance to Naot HaKikar and Ein Tamar.
The gathering point is approx 40min drive from the festival ground, driving south on route 90.
At the end of the ride, you're welcome to return to the Desert Challenge site and enjoy the event until it is finished at 2pm.

Important information
All rides are lead and tailed by experienced riding instructors, and are accompanied by a mechanic, rescue vehicle and medic.

  • 8am – gathering at the eco-village, collecting participation kits for the saturday-only riders.
  • 9am – departing for the course “Crack in the Mudstone”
  • 9am – departing for the family course “Attractions at Kikar Sdom”

Attractions at Kikar Sdom – 6km
A short 6km trip along stops in Neot Hakikar and Ein Tamar villages. The trip includes attractions such as riding alongside the monument of the fallen, battle reenactment, observing and learning about Fata Morgana, observing the Jordanian border, visiting and tasting at the pepper/tomato grove, observing the neighboring Jordanian village with whom there's agricultural cooperation, observing and learning about border stone 120 and more. The trip is accompanied and delivered by a local guide and certified cycling instructors.

Who is it for?
Families and children of all ages, with bikes of all sizes, carriers etc – depending on the age and experience of the riders.

Shortened "Crack in the Mudstone" – 15km
As per popular demand, we've added a medium-length family trip of 15km on saturday. The course is in fact the second half of the longer “Crack in the Mudstone” course, where riders will be dropped off to the meeting point of route 90 with Amatzia stream, from there riding down the Amatzia stream in the desert scenery, toward the vehicles at Kikar Sdom. Participants of this course will be picked up back to the starting point half way through the longer course, with buses and bike carts.

Who is it for?
The course is meant for children more experienced with field cycling for a similar distance, aged 8 and up with a parent, or 14 and up with no parental supervision, on mountain bikes with 20” wheels and up and varying speeds, suitable for inclines.

Mandatory gear: Mountain bikes, helmet, no less than 1.5l water for every participant, energy bar, spare tube.

Long "Crack in the Mudstone" – 25km
This long, desert course is one of the best the region has to offer. Note: this course will challenge young & unexperienced riders. Physical difficulty – moderate, technical difficulty – Easy +. Duration – 3.5 hours

Who is it for?
Ages 12 and up, experienced with field cycling for a similar distance, with real mountain bikes: 24” wheels and up, speeds, suitable for inclines.

Mandatory gear: Mountain bikes, helmet, no less than 1.5l of water for every participant, energy bar, spare tube.
1. Upon registration, each rider must sign a release form and a declaration of health. Riders under 18 must have a parent/guardian signature.
2. Cancellation policy – same as in the registration page.
3. There is limited capacity for the event – in order to ensure you slot, sign up and pay on the website. On-site registration will be permitted on a vacancy basis, and until the kits run out.

Safety instructions and Terms & Conditions
4. The trips are a family activity and are not a competition. There will be no timekeeping or prizes.
5. Riding and finishing the track are at the rider's responsibility. You should drive slowly and safely, both hands on the beam ready to break at any time, while keeping an emergency breaking distance from one another. At any sign of danger, obstacle etc you should mount off your bike and continue by foot. You must slow down in corners and downhills, as well as in jugged terrain.
6. It is mandatory to wear an appropriate helmet and keeping it fastened whenever you are riding, wear closed shoes, fully functioning bikes with the participation board on them.
7. Each rider must carry at least 1 water bottle.
8. It's recommended that you bring gloves and light snacks.
9. Drinking, using your phone etc – only when fully stopped at the side of the road.

Age Restriction
10.         The minimum age for riding in the bike tracks – provided that the rider is skilled and experienced at field riding for similar distances:
1. Sdom & Pratzim 14km – 8 y/o
2. Kikat Sdom Surroundings 12km – 8 y/o
3. Haritz BaHawar long 25km – 12 y/o
4. Kikar Sdom Attractions – all ages, depending on the experience and age of the riders.

Riding Regulations
11.         Riding on the trip course will be done within the distance between the leading and tailing instructors. There will be no deviating from the route, leaving it, pass the leading instructor or ride behind the tailing instructor. Follow the markings, slow down at every turn and intersection, in order to verify the marking ahead. Do not cross roadblocks and white marking tapes.
12.         Ride only on the marked paths, do not get off the marked route.
13.         Adhere to the organizers' instructions at all times, the marshals and course managers on site. The organizers reserve the right to terminate the participation of any rider should they not adhere to their instructions.
14.         On the participation plate there is an emergency number, to which you should call if you are in trouble. It is the rider's responsibility to call the number if they are feeling unwell or any other issue. If you are unable to call the number, inform other riders, the marshals on site, or the management vehicles.
15.         Should a rider leave the course and the event before reaching the finish line, they must report to the organizers of their departure. Riders who will leave the course without notice will bear the cost of the search teams launched to look for them. If you are uncertain of the course you should call the emergency number on your participation plate.
16.         Traveling on the road is not exclusive to riders. You may encounter pedestrians, other cyclists, travelers, horse back riders, motorbikes, ATV's, cars and jeeps. You should ride with care and alertness, while respecting other's right to use the road. In broad roads with opposite traffic, keep right.

Using the facilities at the event site at Heimar stream is at the riders' responsibility, and in accordance with the organizers' instructions.

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