Desert Run // Moon Run


The MoonRun is the longest lasting night field run in Israel.
The desert atmosphere, unique terrain and the magical run through the Dead Sea scenery and desert streams.

The course is has well marked paths, which offer a challenging experience for seasoned runners, alongside amateur runners in for an adventure, or first-time night runners.

This year we will hold 2 children's races for free: 400m (ages 4-6), and 800m (ages 6-12).
The races are timed so that parents can run alongside their kids before they have to clear for the night run briefing. More details in FAMILY FUN

You can choose 1 of 4 distances:
  • 5km
  • 10km
  • 21km moon run // day run
  • 35km

Timetable - Friday 21 Dec 2018
  • Starting 6am – handing out participation kits
  • 6:45am safety briefing for the 21km day run
  • 7:00 starting of 21km day run
  • 5:30pm – Safety briefing at the central stage
  • 6pm – starting off 32km
  • 7pm starting off 21km
  • 7:30pm starting off 10km
  • 8pm starting off 5km
  • Approx. 9:30pm – podium ceremony.

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 5KM Run

5Km Altitude Table 
פרופיל גבהים מקצה 5 ק"מ ריצה

10KM Run

10Km Altitude Table 
פרופיל גבהים מקצה 10 ק"מ ריצה

21KM Run 

21Km Altitude Table 
פרופיל גבהים מקצה 21 ק"מ ריצה

35KM Run

35Km Altitude Table 
פרופיל גבהים מקצה 35 ק"מ רכיבה

Terms & Conditions
1.      Participation is permitted for those who paid their fees and are on the participation list, as well as presented a valid medical approval in the registration process.
2.      Passing on your participation kit and running under a different name is forbidden and endangers the runner's health
3.      It is mandatory to run with a chest number and a time keeping chip which will be given along with the participation kits.
4.      Minimal Participation age:
1.      5km – 12
2.      10km – 16
3.      21km – 18
4.      32km - 18
Mandatory Running Equipment
5.      Functioning headlight. It is recommended to change batteries before the race.
6.      Running-appropriate clothing, depending on weather forecasts, as well as warm, dry cloths for after the race.
7.      Mobile phone for emergencies (reception may be restricted in some areas).
8.      Food & beverages – feeding & drinking spots are spread throughout the track. It is possible and recommended to bring your own.
9.      You should adhere to the instructions given by the tournament administration: referees, marshals, organizers, rescue vehicles, military and police. Should a participant fails to follow said instructions, he/she will be disqualified.
10.The organizers reserve the right to prevent a participant from racing, should it be concluded they are in danger, health or otherwise.
11.Littering will lead to disqualifying! You may not leave waste of any kind in the tournament courses. Each participant must collect their garbage. The check points will be equipped with garbage disposals – please use them.
12.Sportsmanship and proper conduct must be kept all throughout the tournament, and generally in life. Any participant deviating from the rules of conduct towards referees, marshals, other contestants or other users of the road (pedestrians, non-competing cyclists, vehicles etc) will be disqualified. Examples of improper conduct: violent bypassing, using foul language, pushing, preventing a bypass, or any behavior that endangers others.
13.A participant forced to withdraw from the race for any reason will report to the crew in person or by phone and will await their instructions. Participants leaving the course without notifying the organizers will bear the costs of the search and rescue efforts.
14.The routes are marked with arrows. You are not to deviate from the marked route. At each crossing, slow down and look for the official marking.
15.Categories in the various courses:
1.      Women up to 39
2.      Women 40+
3.      Men up to 39
4.      Men 40+
16.A category will be open once at least 10 people have registered to it. If this is not met, the participants will be transferred to the next category.
17.A participant's age is calculated according to their birth year (not day and month). For example – a participant born on February 1990 and one born on December 1990 are both 24 y/o for determining their category.
18.Timekeeping will be done by Mobii.
19.Timekeeping is individual.
20.Each participant is measured a personal and pistol time. Winners are determined by the pistol time.
21.Cutoff time is 10pm
22.Median time for the 32km run: all runners must pass through the 20km mark by 9pm. Runners who will fail to arrive by that time will not be given a finish time and may be removed from the track by the organizers.
23.Appeals: you can appeal up to 30min from crossing the finish line, by filling up a form which you can find at the registration booths alongside 200NIS. If the appeal is accepted, the money will be refunded.

The organizers reserve to right to amend this document.

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