The Desert Challenge is a unique & memorable event, not just a running or cycling contest. In order for the family experience to be complete, we believe that the children should take an active part and not just be idle spectators, especially the younger kids.
The courses will take place in the afternoon, so that adults will have plenty of time to escort their children, and get ready for the night run. The course will be held right next to the gathering and camping site.
Each participant gets a chest number. No need for any special gear – just running shoes or bikes, motivation and a big smile!

Friday afternoon 8/12

Running courses by age:
500m for ages 4-5 (Birth year 2010-2011)
1000m for ages 6-12 (Birth year 2003-2009)

Cyclists courses by age:
1000m for ages 5-6 (Birth year 2009-2010)
2000m for ages 7-12 (Birth year 2003-2008)

Kick off at 3:45pm

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