You can stay at the festival in one of two options:
Personal tent in the camping site
Caravan area
The accommodation areas will be opened to the public from Thu 4pm till Sat 3pm. The areas are fenced and secured, the production is not responsible for any theft or damage caused by unattended equipment.
Personal Tent
You can sign up for Friday night only or for Thu-Fri nights. Each reservation is for one tent only, with up to 4 personal ID bracelets. If you have a tent which fits more than 4, please reserve 2 spots and so on. You can enter the camping area with a personal ID bracelet which will be given to you upon check in.
The tents and their assembly are at the participant’s responsibility! 
The participants and families will be provided a zoned, lit and secured area with toilets, hot showers and garbage facilities.

Next to the camping site will be a designated open fire area, in barrels provided by the production, with the authority of the Nature & Parks Authority. It is strictly forbidden to light fires anywhere else in the festival grounds.
Notice: Parking will not be permitted near the camping site. Between the car park and camping site are approx. 300m which cannot be passed by car.
Caravan area
We invite you to station your caravan in a secure area with with water and electricity.
Caravans are to be booked separately, for which you need to reserve a space through the website.
Each reservation admits one vehicle and 6 personal ID bracelets. 
Trailers can be admitted into the site on Thursday 6pm-11pm and Friday until 3pm.
Please arrange with the production crew in advance -
Recommended caravan providers:
Caravan Club 
Nofei Moledet

קמפינג אוהלים
The Desert Challenge is a unique & memorable event, not just a running or cycling contest. In order for the family experience to be complete, we believe that the children should take an active part and not just be idle spectators, especially the younger kids.

The courses will take place in the afternoon, so that adults will have plenty of time to escort their children, and get ready for the night run. The course will be held right next to the gathering and camping site.
Each participant gets a chest number. No need for any special gear – just running shoes or bikes, motivation and a big smile!

The children can run at 2 courses depending on age:
400m for ages 4-5 (Birth year 2010-2011)
800m for ages 6-12 (Birth year 2003-2009)

The cyclists can race for 1,000m and 2,000m


Bike rentals are available through our website.

After booking, Go-Ride representatives will contact you, and fit you with the best equipment based on your age and hight. Helmets are included.

Bikes are available for all ages, in all sizes.

Rented trailers can only used with the rented bikes.

Bikes with baby seats are also available.


For bike rentals contact

 As part of our effort to make your stay enjoyable, we created the Bike Parking.
This will save you the trouble of storing your bikes in your car or tent, and it is fully facilitated and secured 24 hours.

Entering and leaving the perimeter will be permitted only with an ID badge which matches
the rider and the bike. The Parking will be active from friday at noon till saturday at 2pm.
The use of the Bike Parking is at a small fee of 50NIS, and booking is made in advance, as
part of the regular registration for the various courses.

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